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Featured Preview Artist: Andrea Boller
by Kirsten Hall

Fresh face Andrea Boller brings new life to Preview with her delicate sculptures designed around the concept of potential kinetic energy

Artist Andrea Boller in her studio with a metal cage used for her live performances. Photo: Kirsten Hall

As young artists go, Brazilian art student and performer Andrea Boller is about as motivated and energized as they come. For Andrea and her fellow student artists Julius Dörner and Esther Sibiude, who are showing their artwork for the first time with Galerie Villa Köppe, Preview is an opportunity for them to take their careers from the realm of student art into the major contemporary art world.


In the past, Boller has only had the chance to perform and show her work at smaller galleries and the Universität der Künste Berlin where she did a live performance wearing a long black garment attached to a steel cage turning 360° in an hour interval at the same speed as the hand of a clock.


“I really like this concept, the geometry of time and subtle movement,” she said. Boller explains that this idea also manifests itself in her sculptures which tend to be abstract shapes formed by delicate ribbons of brightly colored plastic and metal.


Boller says that her work relates in some ways to the balanced metal works of Richard Serra, but with a lightness and fragility that suggests or appears to anticipate the potential for movement.


“I like to work a lot with balance at the point where you are only just stable,” she explained. “That point where you are right about to fall–where it is balanced but it is still very sensitive.”


This is the first art fair where Boller has exhibited and she hopes that by showing at Preview she will gain new contacts and opportunities to show her work at other shows in other cities. “The more I can show, the more I can do, the better,” Boller said. “Because this is all I’ve ever wanted to do; to keep making sculpture and doing my art.”

  •   Tempelhof Airport Preview Berlin Art Fair. September 14th – 16th 2012: 1-8pm.